Bitcoin Cash Network has made some major progress. The network has decided to increase its block size from 8 MB to about 32MB. The increased block size will allow a huge number of transaction processing.

Some people have a misconception that the Bitcoin Cash Network will be able to start processing the 32MB block size right away but that is not the case for sure. The truth is that the 32MB code is designed to work in the future.

At the moment the developers have increased the block size because the Bitcoin Cash Network has the capability to bear this limit. At the moment the miners decide the limit of the block size and the developers are there to assist the miners so that the blocks can achieve their maximum capacity in the near future.

Last year the developers made a serious mistake and that is they allowed the Bitcoin Cash Network to fill up beyond its maximum capacity. However, the developers are trying to ensure that such a thing should not happen again and 32MB block size has been decided after a lot of planning on the part of the developers.

If the Bitcoin Cash Network exceeds its capacity, then it will lose its reliability level. Ideally, the block size should only be increased if the miners feel the need. Once the miners have analyzed this need they will also do the necessary transactions. When the block size has been finalized, then it will eventually lead to mass adoption.

If we compare BTC and Bitcoin Cash at the moment, then one thing is quite evident at this point of time. The Bitcoin Cash transactions are quite less in comparison to BTC. However, this does not mean that Bitcoin Cash chain does not have much use. The Bitcoin Cash Chain is quite useful. What is needed is proper planning to utilize this chain.

One thing can be concluded for sure. The positive development is that the Bitcoin Cash Network can now process 32MB blocks instead of the 8MB. Secondly, there is no denying the fact that the Bitcoin Cash miners do have the capability to process large blocks.

After this major development some of the users also feel that block size limit should be removed completely from the Bitcoin Cash Network. It is yet to be seen whether the developers decide to take this suggestion seriously or not. Till then we need to wait for the next move on the part of the developers.