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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (bitcoin) has been used for eight years and has attracted the attention of many investors, including traders with enormous economic opportunities. Investing in bitcoin (in principle, long term) is the first and foremost opportunity to invest in currencies and needs that are credible enough. Individual investors and those who do not dispose of their assets during the reduced period of short-term bitcoin demand will receive good dividends.

Investments in common currencies can be explained by their unique features that provide a great opportunity to win Bitcoin's savings - Bitcoin's cost is to pay for them. To people you think of. Because the total Bitcoin value in the world is determined, the length of this series is the greater the demand and the higher the price.


Bitcoin (bitcoin) is the world's first digital encryption and is also the most popular. Today, thousands of merchants around the world accept this currency as a payment for their goods and services. You can also use a special exchange or trading platform to exchange common currency.


Why is Bitcoin more expensive than Ethereum
Bitcoin, The shelter

The main function of Bitcoin is a limited edition that protects this currency from inflation. Bitcoin issues have been decentralized - the new Bitcoin "release" is being done by people around the world using the computing power of personal computers. There is no single center for publishing this password. Transferring Bitcoin is free.

Some of the advantages of this password are its anonymity. Investors can only see the portfolio address of the fund transfer. Similarly, investors do not need to provide information about themselves.

Although the total number of bitcoins in the world is limited to 21 million, the release rate of new bitcoins ("mining" or "minning") will fall once every six months. As a result, over time, new currency generation becomes slower and consumes more resources, increasing the cost of Bitcoin. About investment - this means that Bitcoin will show price increases over the long term and will generate good returns over time.


There are two main and most common strategies for investing in Bitcoin.

All position strategies ("growth strategy") There are two main and most common strategies for investing in Bitcoin. All position strategies ("growth strategies") are very simple. Investors get a bitcoin to get real money and wait for the cryptomoeda rating. Sooner or later, the cost of Bitcoin rises, and the cost of buying cryptomoeda has increased several times. When you see that Bitcoin falls in the Short term, it's important not to "break through" early are very simple. Investors have a certain amount of bitcoin to get real money and wait for cryptomoeda's rating. Sooner or later, the cost of Bitcoin rises, and the cost of buying crystals has increased several times. When you notice that Bitcoin is falling in the short term, it is important not to "break through" early.

Basic principles of trading cryptocurrency trading on a stock exchange are similar to those used in foreign exchange trading. As the Russian currency itself is not so common, Bitcoin does not know the basics of trading Bitcoin on the exchange. Thus, investors and experienced players just "cut" competitors.


Bitcoin's nearly limitless potential growth rate makes it possible to use criptomoeda as a credible investment, even in the world's currencies-euro and dollar. Of course, growth rates are achievable and should be achieved. The main objective of investing in Bitcoin is to develop a well-thought-out long-term strategy. Investors should avoid the temptation to "remove" encryption if Bitcoin's process shows an unexpected drop. Also, keep in mind that the principles of creptomoeda itself continuously improve its rate and Bitcoin security.It is none other than the same characteristics of the same euro and dollar. At the same time, Bitcoin levels are much less affected by fluctuations in the world's currency from well-known political and economic events.

To become a Bitcoin owner, you need a virtual wallet that stores encrypted code. Desktop with an online portfolio (bitcoin core, armory, electronics), hardware (Trezor, Ledger, digital box) and cellphone wallet (Copay, breadwallet, Mycelium) (BitGo, Green Address, CoinbaseCoinbase). If you often use Bitcoin, cellphones and desktop wallets are the best choice. Also, if you invest in a large number of encrypted coins from time to time, choose a reliable hardware device and a computer wallet. You need to install and activate your wallet.

In most cases, bitcoin purchases are made on the stock exchange and must be handled with care. Bitcoin recommendations considered.

National exchange registration
Payment method (transfer from bank card, transfer to Qiwi, PayPal, Yandex, Money e-wallet)
transaction fee
Exchange security level (preferably using HTTPS protocol and 2-factor authentication (2FA).) It is also recommended to consider the reputation of the exchange on the Bitcoin Reddit Forum or Bitcoin Forum.

To complete the transaction, you need to register on the trading floor, and then transfer the money to the seller and get Bitcoins to your address, which is generated as a code. If you do not want to buy a “whole” bitcoin, you can buy its shares - satoshi. On average, a bitcoin translation takes about 10 minutes.
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